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Our Work

The Community and Economic Development Division (CEDD) leads on economic policy and government issues and is often asked to weigh in on proposals being considered by the city, county, state, and federal governments to determine their impact to the business community. The CEDD recommends courses of action to the full Board of Directors.

In 2013, the CEDD lead the Flagstaff business community on several issues important to the healthy and vitality of our city and its economic growth.

At the local level, the CEDD –

  • Lead the push to make the Flagstaff 2030 Regional Plan more business friendly while emphasizing our community desire for open space and committing to the quality of life our residents expect.
  • Participated in the Mayor’s Round Table to amend the city’s zoning process to help highlight Flagstaff as a place to start, expand, or relocate a business.
  • Helped to guarantee private property rights in Flagstaff by advocating for an amendment to a new building energy code that prevented new housing costs from increasing by as much as $4,300.
  • Lead the advocacy efforts to add “value added” language to the city purchasing manual to boost contracts for local building professionals and service providers.
  • Spoke out strongly in favor of an expansion of the Little America Resort Hotel which will create 500 jobs and pour over $34 million in annual economic output to the city.

At the state and federal levels, the CEDD –

  • Advocated for the reform of Arizona’s sales tax system, the Transportation Privilege Tax, often cited as one of the most complicated in the nation, effectively streamlining process, making it easier for businesses to operate across multiple municipalities.
  • Supported Arizona’s current electrical utilities standards, often ranked one of the best in the nation, by opposing a push to deregulate the state’s market which would have potentially caused a spike in consumer rates.
  • Renewed the Greater Flagstaff Chamber’s commitment to protecting the Navajo Generating Station from costly federal regulations.
  • Committed to supporting the Four Forest Restoration Initiative and worked with government officials to ensure proper oversight.
  • Advocated for the Chamber’s long held position on federal immigration reform by supporting the U.S. Senate’s “Gang of Eight” legislation.