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BizPAC - An Independent Expenditure Committee of the Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce

Greater Flagstaff Chamber BIZPAC
endorses local candidates

Advocating for business before government to affect good public policy that creates a strong business climate and vibrant economy is part of the mission of the Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce.   BizPAC, the political action committee of the Chamber, is designed to be instrumental in electing proactive, business-minded candidates in Flagstaff.   The Board of Directors engaged in a thorough process of evaluation based on responses to a candidate questionnaire and at candidate forums. 

Greater Flagstaff Chamber President and CEO Julie Pastrick states, “Consideration was also given to the candidate’s demonstrated community leadership and perceived ability to sustain and grow a strong business climate through sound fiscal and regulatory policies.”

After exhaustive discussions and deliberation focused on our five core values, the Greater Flagstaff Chamber endorses the following candidates for mayor and city council:

Jerry Nabours - Mayoral Candidate for Flagstaff

Mayor – Jerry Nabours

Mayor Nabours demonstrates a depth of pragmatic leadership and leads by example in engaging the council and community in the public process.  He has worked to pass the Flagstaff Regional Plan, a widely discussed document that led to unanimous council support and subsequent voter approval; simplify the zoning process and sign codes; preserve open space; and expedite the building permit process -- all issues valued by the community.  The respect among his peers across the State will continue to pay dividends for Flagstaff as we deal with long term substantive issues such as job creation, forest thinning to protect against devastating wildfires and securing a reliable water supply into the future.

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City Council – Scott Overton

Mr. Overton has served on the Council since 2006 and has been a reasonable voice for Flagstaff ever since. His background as an educator and small business owner brings balance and perspective to the Council.  A Flagstaff native, Scott truly advocates for community and economic development.

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Scott Overton - City Council Candidate for Flagstaff
Mark Woodson - City Council Candidate for Flagstaff

City Council – Mark Woodson

Mr. Woodson was appointed to the Council in 2012 to fill a vacancy and has served Flagstaff well. He and his wife are both local business owners and are heavily involved in professional and non-profit organizations. He is focused on supporting local business and attracting new industry with better paying jobs.

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City Council – Charlie Odegaard

Mr. Odegaard will bring a fresh perspective to the Council as a third generation Flagstaff resident and small business owner who is passionate about his hometown. His understanding of the issues important to small business is evidenced from experience in co-ownership of a 40 year old family business. His desire to make a positive difference in the lives of all citizens is welcomed.

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Charlie Odegaard - City Council Candidate for Flagstaff


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