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Funding for highway and mass-transit programs largely are the responsibility of individual states. Approximately 75% of funding comes from states' programs, and the remaining amounts are through a combination of local and federal resources. The state program is known as the Highway User Revenue Fund (HURF).

HURF is sourced through a variety of taxes and fees in Arizona. Such sources include fuel taxes, vehicle registration fees, and vehicle license taxes. These revenues are deposited into the fund and then distributed to towns, cities, and counties for highway and transportation projects. 

In recent years, however, due to state budget constraints, HURF dollars have been swept away from their intended use and deposited into other state projects. Since 2003, Flagstaff has lost over $4.8 million of it's HURF shares. As a result, Flagstaff and many communities throughout the state are suffering from a highway infrastructure in need of repairs. 

Next Steps:

Support legislation that will restore HURF monies for their intended use.

Legislative Watch:

House Bill 2692
Sponsor: Tobin
Title: DPS; operating expenses; appropriation; intent
Status: PASSED - House (49 AYES, 9 NAYS, 2 NOT VOTING); PASSED - Senate Appropriations Committee (7 AYES, 1 NAY, 1 NOT VOTING), advances to Senate Rules Committee.

Additional Material:

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