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State Priorities

Health Care
Continue to support the restoration and expansion of the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS), the state Medicaid program, which passed in 2013. We will oppose any legislation in 2014 that seeks to reverse the reinstatement of AHCCCS.

Continue to advocate for Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards (ACCRS), better known nationally as Common Core. We oppose any legislation in 2014 that would prohibit the use of ACCRS or anything negatively related to the achievements Arizona has made in its K-12 standards.

Continue to support Arizona’s Joint Technical Education Districts (JTED’s) and any legislation that would strengthen and maintain funding for such programs.

Economic Competitiveness
Support Governor Brewer’s plan to make Arizona a more attractive place for business retention and expansion. Such planning will include further reforming the Transaction Privilege Tax (state sales tax) and repealing the electricity sales tax manufacturers must pay.

Support legislation that will restore the Highway User Revenue Fund (HURF). The HURF is state collected revenue that is distributed to cities, towns, and counties for road and highway maintenance that in recent years has not be circulated due to budget constraints. Flagstaff and Coconino County roads have suffered as a result.

A Welcome Message
We will only support legislation that reinforces our states image as a place for people of all backgrounds to visit, receive an education, raise a family, and do business.