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Economic Competitiveness


In her 2014 State of the State address, Governor Jan Brewer laid out her Four Cornerstones of Reform plan for the legislature. The first cornerstone is centered squarely on Arizona's economic competitiveness. As the governor noted, when a company decides where to invest its resources major criteria include a predictable business environment that is free of unncessary regulation and barriers to economic growth.

Such reforms include reducing our state corporate income tax rate, repealing the sales tax our manufacturers pay on their electricity usage, and continue simplfying our complex Transaction Privelege Tax (the state salex tax).

A part of the mission of the Greater Flagstaff Chamber is serving as a catalyst for economic development in the Northern Arizona. Strengthening the economic competitiveness of our region will be critical to the future success of our businesses to thrive and provide quality jobs to our current and incoming workforce. Supporting Governor Brewer's first cornerstone and the legislation that implements it will be a top priority of the Greater Flagstaff Chamber in 2014.

Next Steps:

Support legislation in 2014 that will make Arizona as a whole, therefore the Flagstaff region, an environment better atuned to the needs of the business community and economic growth. 

Legislative Watch:

Senate Bill 1413
Sponsor: Yarbrough
Title: Taxes; manufacturers' electricity sales; exemption
Status: PASSED - Senate (25 AYES, 0 NAYS, 5 NOT VOTING); PASSED - House with amendment (51 AYES, 3 NAYS, 6 NOT VOTING); PASSED - Senate as amended (27 AYES, 0 NAYS, 3 NOT VOTING)

SIGNED by Governor Brewer 4/11/2014

Chamber Position: SUPPORT

House Bill 2276
Sponsor: Forese
Title: Premium tax reduction
Status: PASSED - House (36 AYES, 22 NAYS, 2 NOT VOTING); Transmitted to Senate;
PASSED - Senate Finance Committee (6 AYES, 1 NAY); PASSED - Senate Appropriations Committee (8 AYES, 1 NOT VOTING); advances to Senate Rules Committee.

Chamber Position: SUPPORT

Additional Material:

Governor Brewer's Four Cornerstones of Reform