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Local Priorities

Local Governance
The Greater Flagstaff Chamber advocates for policies that cultivate a strong business climate and strengthen the economy through job creation, business growth, and business attraction, while maintaining our community’s image as a place committed to its open spaces and natural beauty. To achieve these goals we will:
- Maintain a close working relationship with our mayor, city council, and county supervisors
- Serve as a bridge between government and business and effectively communicate the needs of our entrepreneurs, CEOs, small business owners, and non-profit industries
- Cooperate with our city and county governments to effectively advocate for our region and community before state and federal officials

Rural Economic Development
Flagstaff’s future success depends on being economically competitive not just within our state, but on a global scale. To reach this status we will:
- Support public policy that is strong on removing the barriers that would inhibit the growth of existing businesses or prevent the attraction of a new investor in our community
- Work with our partner organizations such as the Economic Collaborative of Northern Arizona (ECONA) and Flagstaff Forty to identify and attract new businesses to the region
- Partner with the Arizona Commerce Authority to help our local businesses grow their market beyond Flagstaff and foster job creation
- Work with Northern Arizona University, Coconino Community College, our city/county government, and our local businesses to develop opportunities to retain local talent that will serve as the cornerstone to our future economic success

Quality of Life
Flagstaff benefits from a high quality and unique lifestyle that unfortunately cannot be attained by all those who seek it. In 2013, the average cost of housing in our community was 52% above the national average, as reported in the Cost of Living Index, prepared by the Council for Community and Economic Research.

While many factors go into our quality of life, we will work to ensure our standards do not become so far out of reach that we would not attract and retain new talent and business. To achieve this aim we will:
- Advocate against costly and burdensome policies, regulations and taxation on business and residents
- Promote a streamlined business-to-government relationship
- Support business improvement districts
- Work with individual businesses to ensure their needs are met before government