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Mark Woodson

Mark Woodson

What is your educational/professional background?
I have a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration, both from the University of Arizona. I am a licensed Civil Engineer and Land Surveyor in both Arizona and California. I have worked as a Civil Engineer as both a consultant and government employee my entire career. I am the owner of Woodson Engineering and Surveying, Inc. in Flagstaff and we’ve just celebrated our 20th year in business. My wife Guadalupe (Lupe) also has her own medical practice in Flagstaff. We also have some real estate investments. I also have been active in numerous professional and community organizations at the local, state and national levels.

How long have you lived in Flagstaff?
We moved our family here over 28 years ago.

Why did you decide to make Flagstaff your home?
We moved here because we love the weather and had family here. We also had great job opportunities.

Why are you running for city council?
I’ve worked in local government most of my career, both as an employee and a consultant, so I have a lot of experience in what Cities do. In 2012 I was appointed to fill a vacancy on the Flagstaff Council and I feel that my experience has helped with the decisions that we have to make. I would like to continue this service to my community with another term on Council.

How do you think as a member of council you can help improve our community’s economic outlook?
We have many things yet to do, but I think a lot has been done in the last couple of years toward a better economic outlook. We continue to try to streamline processes at the city. We also work to make the rules and regulations more manageable and relevant. With these kinds of changes, we can continue to provide an atmosphere of acceptance to existing and new business ventures.

What do you see as being the biggest hindrance to strengthening Flagstaff’s economy? How would you fix it?
The cost of housing, job opportunities with a decent wage, and a well-educated and trained workforce.. Housing needs suitable land and infrastructure for cost effective construction. Flagstaff has a limited supply of land that meets these criteria, so we need to be smart when we come to land use decisions that might reduce the inventory of potential sites. We also need to work to attract basic sector industries. Reducing the time it takes to put an industry in place would make a big difference. Also, making Flagstaff a more affordable place to live with a well prepared workforce is necessary. To better prepare our workforce we need to continue to work at the K-12 level to better educate our students for life in the workforce. We also need to continue to partner with CCC and NAU to train and then we need to retain those graduates