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2014 Flagstaff City Elections

In 2014, the citizens of Flagstaff will be offered the chance to determine the makeup of our city council in a big way.

With the seats of the mayor and three of the council up for decision, the outcome of this election will determine the majority dynamic of our council for the next two years.

Though our city elections are non-partisan, in 2014 we have more candidates for council (eight) than slots available for an incumbent versus a challenger. Therefore, there will be a Primary Election on August 26th to determine which six of the eight candidates advance to the General Election in November.

As there are only two candidates for mayor, and we only have one mayor, there will be no primary, and both candidates automatically advance to the November 4th ballot.

The voters are being offered an impressive slate of candidates, who between the ten of them have lived in Flagstaff for an average of over 22 years. They all come from a diverse professional background be it banking, law, or small business; to engineering and construction; to teaching and academia.

The Greater Flagstaff Chamber wants to encourage voter participation in the August 26th Primary Election. We will not be making any candidate endorsements for the primary, but instead want to promote all the candidates for your consideration. We encourage you to explore the info we have provided on each candidate and read through their answers to the questionnaire we sent to each of them.

The Greater Flagstaff Chamber fully intends to offer endorsements during the General Election.

Candidates for Mayor

James "Jamey" Hasapis
Jerry Nabours

Candidates for City Council

Celia Barotz
Jim McCarthy
Charlie Odegaard
Scott Overton
Eva Putzova
Mark Woodson