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Jerry Nabours

Jerry Nabours

What is your educational/professional background?
Before becoming Mayor, I was a civil attorney in Flagstaff for 38 years.

How long have you lived in Flagstaff?
40 years

Why did you decide to make Flagstaff your home?
I came to NAU and loved the weather and the forest.

Why are you running for mayor?
I want to continue the many projects in which I am deeply involved (e.g. Red Gap water pipeline; forest thinning; city reputation building)

How do you think as a mayor you can help improve our community’s economic outlook?
There are several more steps we can take to make Flagstaff easier and quicker to start or re-locate a business. I have initiated and pushed some zoning procedures that will help. I continue to push for changes to expedite the building permit process. We are about to revise the sign code. I am in continual contact with our business “incubator” and our existing businesses. I work statewide to enhance a business friendly reputation. With every proposal that comes before council I ask “How will this affect our existing and future businesses.”

What do you see as being the biggest hindrance to strengthening Flagstaff’s economy? How would you fix it?
We hinder business by unreasonable regulations and attitude. We cannot push every cost off on new businesses and expect them to embrace us. It is short sighted to think a developer will do anything and put up with anything to come to Flagstaff.