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Chamber supports Go Fourth efforts

At the April 15, 2014 meeting of the Flagstaff City Council, Chamber Board Member and Community & Economic Development Committee Member Bill McCullough spoke on behalf of the Greater Flagstaff Chamber in support of the 4th Street businesses Go Fourth effort.

I am Bill McCullough, from the Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce Community Economic Development Committee and I am authorized to represent the Board tonight as well.

Tax day is an appropriate time for us to weigh in on the implementation of the November 2010 4th Street Corridor Master Plan. We have observed recent attempts to establish the scope of implementation of this plan since January of this year and it seems citizen participation has been requested at recent Council and traffic planning meetings. Thank you.

The proposed expenditure of over $17M in today’s financial environment seems worthy of seeking a broader prioritization and downsizing of the scale of this plan with a broader representation of citizens like the Go Fourth group here this evening.

We are not of the opinion that additional expenditure on outside consultants is necessary – but rather ask the council to provide direction to city staff to embrace direct citizen participation in finalizing priorities of all affected residents, businesses and commuters would yield the most cost effective solution for this important neighborhood and business center.

Economic vitality in our region affects all residents, business owners and visitors. Development of the entrepreneur zones, improved pedestrian safety through additional crosswalks and more, smooth “arterial flow” for all types of vehicles and an improved “place to be” along North 4th Street is economic investment that will yield great neighborhood benefits and could be balanced with the other fiscal challenges facing our city.

Please consider directing staff at this time to embrace updating and simplifying a 3 ½ year old plan to fit our current priorities. This includes specific direction to eliminate some of the most expensive elements of the 2010 plan. The Greater Flagstaff Area Chamber is appreciative of the time to respond and we offer research and assistance in this process. Thank you.