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With more than 1,000 members who employ over 28,000 Flagstaff area citizens, the Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce is a Top Five Arizona Chamber and the largest rural Chamber in the state. It is our mission to strengthen the vibrancy of Northern Arizona’s hub city business community and its surrounding region.

In order to communicate better with our members, the Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce developed this new advocacy website. This site is designed to present detailed information about important issues in a timely manner and to provide action steps to assist our members in sharing those opinions with our elected officials.

Additionally, we created a Public Policy Guide, available for download on this website, to inform our members, elected officials, and the community at large where the Greater Flagstaff Chamber stands on the issues that impact our businesses. This guide includes contact information for your elected officials at every level of government. It also includes effective channels for you to research and track legislation and issues.

Please use this guide and website as resources to keep informed of the issues important to the Flagstaff region. I encourage you to communicate with the Chamber Advocacy Staff about issues that are important to your business. We are here to serve you.


Julie Pastrick